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Is Trump Really Impartial To His Protesters? What Do You Think? Click Heere To Know All The Exclusive Details

On 28 August 2020, one of the protesters of President Donald Trump was shot by a Kenosha police officer. Two more protesters were killed by supporters of Trump.

President Donald Trump refused to condemn the action of his supporters in Portland, Oregon, after they violently clashed with the protesters demonstrating against police brutality. He also declined to denounce the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old Trump supporter who is charged with fatally shooting two protesters and injuring another during unrest in Kenosha.

Source: wilx.com

Trump also spoke about the tape. he said that police shot Jacob because he was trying to get away from them. He also said that Jacob would probably have been killed.

There is also a video which captures some moments of confrontation between Rittenhouse and protestors. At one point in a video, Rittenhouse can be heard saying that “I just killed somebody,” as told by NBC news.

Trump also refused to talk with Blaik’s family lawyer. But, reached out to his mother pastor to arrange a phone call and when the pastor referred the request to the legal team. Besides, President Trump also declined to have called if Ms. Jackson’s legal team monitored the market.

Source: voanews.com

If Mr. Trump is afraid of the questions that will be asked by Ms. Jackson and Blaik’s family lawyers elsewhere, does he know the truth that Jackson was innocent?

The matter to be considered is: why is Trump on the side of his supporters? If someone goes against him. Will they face the same type of brutality as they did with Jackson?

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