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Is Eliza And Justin Still Together? What Is Their Relationship Status Now?

Rodney Mathews was a fan favorite on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. After Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, everyone wanted the Californian to find love. Rodney was in a love triangle with Eliza Isichei and Justin Glaze. Fans wanted Rodney and Eliza to become a couple, but the love triangle ended badly for him.

Are Eliza Isichei and Justin Glaze together?

Bachelor in Paradise': Are Eliza and Justin Together?

Someone once stated, “Follow your heart and mind.” We think Eliza regrets several BIP judgments. Eliza chose Rodney during the Nov. 7 rose ceremony. Many social media users thought she gave Justin a long, sorrowful goodbye.

The next morning, Eliza was still distraught, which worried viewers about her relationship with Rodney. Eliza told Rodney what viewers already knew after waking up. Eliza informed Rodney, “I don’t think I made the proper choice.” “I was stressed. I was influenced by everyone’s devotion to you.”

Rodney said a sorrowful goodbye to the cast, and Eliza left to see Justin. Fans thought Justin and Eliza’s relationship was doomed after seeing his response when she arrived at his Baltimore home. Eliza and Justin’s interaction is shown in the Nov. 14 BIP trailer. He’s “perplexed” and doesn’t appear delighted with Eliza’s attempts.

Reality Steve says Justin rejected Eliza’s reconciliation offer. The spoiler king tweeted on Nov. 5 that Justin rejected Eliza because he wanted an “all-in” partner.

Will Eliza And Rodney Rekindle Their Romance?

Bachelor in Paradise' Spoilers: Eliza and Rodney Seen Together Post-Show

Steve then revealed what we’ll learn in the reunion special: After Eliza left Baltimore to win Justin back, the two planned to meet in Los Angeles.

Justin said Eliza ghosted him in LA, but Eliza said Justin didn’t hit her up until 11 p.m.

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Eliza and Rodney’s romance

Is there hope for Rodney now that Eliza and Justin won’t date? Social media users hope Rodney leaves. Eliza’s behavior with Rodney was bad, even if she wanted to date Justin. Eliza begged Rodney to advise her not to go on the date with Justin, but Rodney stated he can’t.

Eliza’s behavior after her date with Justin was also mentioned. Eliza seemed estranged from Rodney despite his apology, which many fans disliked. Eliza informed Rodney she couldn’t tell him how to fix it when he asked.  Eliza gave Justin a long list of ways to keep her interested when he asked. Viewers could tell Eliza preferred Justin.

Since Eliza couldn’t be open and honest with Rodney, viewers think she’s immature. Fans want Eliza and Rodney to be happy, but Eliza isn’t ready for Rodney.

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