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How And Why Did Dumbledore Die? Is He Really Dead In Harry Potter?

How And Why Did Dumbledore Die Is He Really Dead In Harry Potter

Still, Dumbledore remains one of the most discussed and controversial figures in the Harry Potter series. For those who somehow managed not to get spoiled, they’re bound to wonder: did Dumbledore  die in The Half-Blood Prince, and if so, why?

The Deathly Hallows did not come out for another two years after The Half-Blood Prince and left the fan favorite character’s death shrouded in mystery.

However, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the final book in the series), Dumbledore revealed that he had put a part of his own life force into Voldemort’s physical form years earlier, and that by taking all of his remaining strength to destroy both himself and Voldemort when they were seeking refuge from Nagini’s attack.

In the finale of the fantasy series, readers got access to Snape’s memories about several events that happened during or before the timeline of the books including Dumbledore’ death.

Dumbledore’s death is revealed to have been a result of Snape, who acted as a double spy while blaming himself for the death of Lily Potter.

The series and Half Blood Prince give us plenty of opportunities to question Snape s loyalties. From Snape s accounts about Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Dumbledore was able to organize his counterattack.

Dumbledore died in a fight with Voldemort, when the master of Hogwarts took on one of his greatest enemies.

Dumbledore s death was a strategic choice that allowed Snape to work as a spy for the Order. However, Dumbledore planned beyond his death by acting on only the important things like he had always done. Dumbledore manipulates his death as a clever plan that causes many seemingly unrelated events, but in the end they all work together to defeat Voldemort.

It s inevitable when you re out with fellow Harry Potter fans: at some point, someone will spoil the death of Dumbledore. It seems impossible to forget that moment when Snape killed Dumbledore and revealed himself as the new Dark Lord in a horcrux ritual gone wrong.

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