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Dead To Me Season 3: Is Christine Applegate Who Plays Jen Actually Pregnant?

Is Christine Applegate Who Plays Jen Actually Pregnant?

Is Christine Applegate Who Plays Jen Actually Pregnant?

Dead to Me’s third and final season is now available on Netflix, and there are plenty of major revelations to be found across the remaining 10 episodes. Our questions are answered and more are raised by the end of Dead to Me Season 3. Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) are pretty battered from the hit-and-run accident with Ben when we see them again.

Kind of ironic, huh? The accident leads to shocking discoveries that paint the last season with a sad undercurrent. Is art imitating life, or is the unexpected pregnancy revelation in season 3 of Dead to Me just that? Is one of the actresses actually expecting a child at the moment? Anyone who was wondering why can find out the answer here.

In Season 3 Of Dead To Me, Is Jen Pregnant?

Jen gets pregnant after sleeping with Ben, which surprises both the audience and the character herself. She thought she was going through menopause, but her doctor told her that some symptoms of menopause and pregnancy are often the same.

Jen tries to hide her pregnancy from Judy so she doesn’t hurt her feelings. She then tries to hide it from the rest of the world, too, because pregnancy brings up a lot of questions. She wears a shawl and makes it her new style so she doesn’t have to tell people she’s pregnant.

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Is Christina Applegate Pregnant In Real Life?

However, contrary to rumors, Christina Applegate is not actually expecting. Sadie Applegate was born in 2011 to Applegate and her spouse Martyn LeNoble. Jen’s pregnancy was written into the story for no reason other than to add drama and strengthen the bond between Jen and Ben. Surely their dynamic doesn’t need to be much more complicated than it already is!

Many people who watch television worry if a narrative involving a pregnant actress is prompted by the actress’s actual pregnancy. Actress Daniella Alonso disguised her real-life pregnancy throughout season 4 of Dynasty, leaving viewers to wonder if Cristal was pregnant.

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Similarly, the pregnancy of Caitlin McGee, star of the ABC comedy Home Economics, has not been incorporated into the plot. However, viewers will still question if the actress is actually pregnant if her character is pregnant in the show.

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