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Iran Faces Backlash From UN Nuclear Body

A UN nuclear body recently slammed Iran over not cooperating with the international institution for easing tensions in the country. Countries like the UK, France, Germany and the US voted in favour of the resolution against the country.

The Resolution

The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna called Iran to fully co-operate with IAEA and satisfy the institution’s requests of inspection. Since 2012, Iran is facing this regulation when it comes to denying inspections and ignoring diplomatic decisions.

The impetus came from Iran denying access to International inspectors to two sites which were previously active nuclear sites. Germany, France and Britain moved the resolution while the US later supported. The European countries are trying to strike a balance with us to keep intact the Iran nuclear deal.  The resolution supported by 25 countries, 7 abstained, and Russia and China opposed.

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Discussion forum

Iran’s Stance On The Issue

Iran tried to defend by saying the two sites are not a part of Iran’s agreement of 2015. This agreement refers to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which the US abruptly left in 2018, sparking a controversy. It is indeed a part of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. And since the treaty includes safeguards and Additional Protocols, it becomes important for Iran to allow inspections.

The US put down such defences by saying Iran has a long term goal of disrupting peace and thus the decision is fair. This strongest opponent believed the country is following a haywire policy which will soon cost it everything. While the two nations still remain in a nuclear deal, Iran forced that the US cannot talk about agreement that it no longer takes cognizance of.

How European Countries See This

Many believe this proves to be a dilemma for European countries. The major reason being diplomatic decisions like these call for supporting one end of the world. While China and Russia oppose such resolutions and cornering of Iran, the US has been quite vocal about it since Trump came to power. These countries are trying their best to maintain amicability in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action but also condemn Iran on various points.

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