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Watch A Glimpse Of Steve Smith Playing The Helicopter Shot ! - The Tech Education
IPL 2020
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IPL2020 : Watch A Glimpse Of Steve Smith Playing The Helicopter Shot !

IPL 2020: Rajasthan Royal skipper Steve Smith who was in form during the Franchise’s match against CSK, executed the helicopter shot astutely during a training session.

Rajasthan Royals (RR) skipper Steve Smith executed the helicopter shot reasonably during a net session. Smith’s shot seems in a video shared by the RR Twitter handle, with the franchise following came up with an interesting caption.

Steve Smith Helicopter

“Gotta love a captain who plays the helicopter shot #HallaBol #RoyalsFamily @stevesmith49, ” read the reaction from RR. The Rajasthan based Franchise will next take the Kings XI Punjab in their second league of 2020. Follow up the Triumph over CSK in the side their Inaugurating Match.

IPL 2020
Source : latestly.com


Steve Smith is one of the Top performers for the Franchise in their 16 run win by CSK. By scoring 69 off47 balls. Smith now smashes four boundaries and the same number of sixes in the innings, which enables RR to achieve a formidable total of 216 runs.

The RR Recorded his appearance as an opening batsman at the time of matchmaking his presence felt despite the early dismissal of Youngster Yashasvi Jaiswal. Smith build up a partnership of 121 runs with the Sanju Samson, to further dominate the match. 

CSK were, in turn, restrict to 200/6 in the coming 20 overs with the Faf du Plessis building up as the elite scorer. Du Plessis scored 72 runs Of 37 balls in an Innings comprising of the boundary and Seven Sixes.

 But, Let’s see what happens in the next match as RR can increase their point in the next game with a Helicopter shot! 


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