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8yv, gr, 8, k, 0, hu, htu, 386, er, kt, 25, IPL 2020: Rajasthan Royals Defeats Chennai Super Kings By 16 Runs. 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IPL 2020
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IPL 2020: Rajasthan Royals Defeats Chennai Super Kings By 16 Runs. Here Is What CSK Skipper MS Dhoni Has To Say

IPL 2020 is being organized in Abu Dhabi abiding by all the precautionary measures in lieu of the pandemic. And in the previous match we witnessed Rajasthan Royal’s massive victory over Chennai Super Kings.

IPL 2020: CSK defeated by RR

Chennai Super Kings had won the very first match of IPL 2020 against Mumbai Indians. But in their second match, Rajasthan Royals defeated them by 16 runs.

So as CSK skipper MS Dhoni won the toss, he chose to let the opposite team bat first. And then RR scored 216 runs on 6 wickets and set a target of 217 for CSK. But they missed to reach the target by 16 runs and thus lost the game.

IPL 2020
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The team was in a good form and maybe 216 was not a big target to chase but things when wrong in the beginning. As CSK’s two opening batsman Shane Watson and Murali Vijay lost their wickets and their match lost track after that. Although Sam Curran took hold of the pitch and hit successive sixes but eventually lost his wicket to Rahul Tewatia.

Apart from that CSK players like Kedar Jadhav,  Du Plessis tried to balance the run rate but kept on losing their wickets one by one. All thanks to RR’s phenomenal players like Rahul Tewatia and Sanju Samson.

What Mahi Has To Say?

Although CSK suffered a defeat, but we witnessed a historical moment. Yes! MS Dhoni’s massive entry at number 7 and also his huge consecutive sixes which was indeed the moment of the day.

And it really transported us to the nostalgic ‘Mahi’ moment of World Cup 2011.

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IPL 2020
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After the match Dhoni said that, they lost because they had a very slow start. Although he praised players like Du Plessis and Kedhar Jadhav for their great innings. But he admitted the fact the RR’s players like Sanju Sampson, Rahul Tewatia etc were quite strong right from the beginning. And that is where CSK lagged behind.

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