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Ganguly And Shreyas Iyer's Comment!! 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“IPL-2020 Latest Controversy” Sourav Ganguly And Shreyas Iyer’s Comment!! All Exclusive Details Are Here…

The most awaited Cricket festival for the fans has arrived. The fans wait for this event for the whole of the year. And after a much more wait from the usual timeline, this cricket festival has knocked the doors. We are talking about the grand event of cricket, The IPL, Indian Premier League.

Source: Sportsndtv.com

IPL was slated to happen months back. But, the Covid-19 pandemic pushed it to this month. Even, at the start, it was felt that this year IPL will not hit the screens. Yet, the management took a tough call and went ahead with the plans. As the Covid-19 situation in the country is not yet under control.

So, this year IPL has been shifted to Dubai. As this season has begun after passing so many hurdles, it seems that the controversy is not a mood to leave the event alone.

Source: mykhel

Recently, Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer sparked off a controversy through his statement. In a pre-match talk, he roped in two names especially Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting. He said that he feels lucky to have them around and to mentor him.

Shreyas Iyer’s statement has attracted a number of controversies. Reportedly, Sourav Ganguly is currently heading the BCCI as Chairman of the institution. And Iyer’s comment has roped in Sourav Ganguly to be partial to one team in the IPL 2020.

However, Ganguly was earlier associated with Delhi Capitals until last year before his induction as Chairman of the BCCI.  But Shreyas’s mention of him as the mentor this year to has raised the questions on partiality.
Sourav Ganguly is already roped in so many controversies after he has taken the post.

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