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Introducing You An Attacker Who Attacked R Kelly With A Pen In Jail! Get Full Insights Here

Another Stunning Story

This news has created a fizz in the minds of the readers. The report of a man who attacked R. Kelly with a pen in Jail is now identified. Also revealing the name of the man is Jeremiah Shane Farmer, a member of the Latin Kings gang. The gang was convicted last year of beating two men to death with a hammer.


What Happened Actually?

The whole incident is, however, frightening it is to ponder upon but to tell you Kelly was sleeping when he was attacked. To elaborate further, at the time of the attack, Kelly was sleeping in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre.

According to Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg, Farmer crept into the cell and began “stomping on Kelly’s head. He further told that the farmer also allegedly had “an ink pen with him that he was going to use to stab Mr Kelly.”

Now that the incident is breathtaking, Greenberg is requesting that Kelly be released from jail on bail. Moreover, Kelly to be released until his federal sex crimes trial begins later this year.

Meanwhile, the farmer is making stunning revelations. He claimed “the government made me attack” Kelly. Furthermore, he hopes that the incident will shed light on “government corruption.”It was also seen that the Farmer did some insanity outside the court.

Correctional officers intervened and used pepper spray to end the fight. After being checked by a doctor, Kelly was placed in solitary confinement, because “that’s the only place they can protect him,” Greenberg told the media.

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