Injustice Gods Among Us: WB Games Makes It Available For Free For Limited Time

Injustice Gods Among Us is currently available for free on PC via Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. This isn’t just the base game, either. It’s the Ultimate Edition, which comes with all of the game’s DLC as well. It includes a bunch of skin packs, as well as characters like Martian Manhunter, General Zod, Zatanna and many others.

WB Games Offering Injustice Gods Among Us For Free

WB Games announced this incredible offer in a tweet. A lot of people, including myself, are likely going to take them up on it, too.┬áThis isn’t like a limited-time, free trial period, either. If you grab the game for yourself before June 25, 2020, you get to keep it forever.

Injustice Gods Among Us originally came out all the way back in 2013. The game’s Ultimate Edition then came out a few months later for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which were brand-new, next-gen consoles at the time.


Injustice Gods Among Us Follows An Alternate-Reality Justice League

For those of you who don’t know, Injustice is an alternate reality, in which the Justice League have fallen apart. This happens after The Joker tricks Superman into killing a pregnant Lois Lane. This finally causes Superman to snap and leads to him creating a totalitarian regime that rules the Earth.

Injustice Gods Among Us follows the story of how Batman leads an insurgency against Superman’s regime. Perfect setup for a fighting game. NetherRealm Studios nails the combat, too. Wouldn’t expect any less from the folks in charge of Mortal Kombat.


Injustice 2 Is The Sequel To Injustice Gods Among Us

We then saw Injustice 2 in 2017. It also came to all the major platforms. However, like the original game, there was also an Injustice 2 mobile version for free. So, if you want to check out how things ended up the way they did for the Injustice 2 characters at the game’ beginning, you might want to pick up Injustice Gods Among Us right now.

There are also the Injustice 2 comics which fill in the gaps of the events between the first and second game. This is an amazing alternate universe storyline for the Justice League. If you’re a DC fan, you absolutely must check it out. Now, that Injustice Gods Among Us is free, you have a great starting point.

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