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Indian Navy Inducts New ATDS- ‘Maareech’

The Indian Navy said recently inducted an advanced anti-torpedo decoy system called ‘Maareech’ that is capable of being fired from all frontline ships.

About The ATDS

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has indigenously developed and designed the Maareech ATDS. Further, it is capable of detecting, locating and neutralizing incoming torpedo. About a torpedo, a modern torpedo is a weapon that has an underwater range.  We can launch it above or below the water surface. It often self propels towards a target. It does so with an explosive warhead designed to detonate either on contact with or in proximity to the target.

Development Of Torpedos Over The Years

The battleship evolved initially around engagements between armoured warships with large-calibre guns. Further, the torpedo allowed small torpedo boats and other lighter surface vessels, submarines/submersibles, even improvised fishing boats or frogmen, and later light aircraft, to destroy large ships without the need of big guns. However, there is a risk sometimes at the of it hitting by longer-range artillery fire.

Announcement By The Navy

In a press release, the Indian Navy said that the prototype of this ATDS installed onboard a nominated naval platform. Further, it had successfully completed all user evaluation trials and showed the features as per the Naval Staff Qualification Requirements. This introduction of the system stands testimony to the joint dedication of the Indian Navy and DRDO towards indigenous development of defence technology. It also gives a major fillip to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. It also pushed the country’s resolve to become ‘atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) in niche technology, the Indian Navy stated.

Bharat Electronics Limited, a Defence PSU, would undertake the production of this decoy system, the Navy stated. Anti-Submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy received a significant boost recently. Along with the conclusion of a contract for advanced torpedo decoy system, it is capable of firing from all frontline warships, they said.

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