Locust Swarms
Locust Swarms

India- The First Country To Tackle Locust Plague With Drones

The worst locust plague has hit India that the country has experienced in three decades. This makes it worse as the nation struggles with the ongoing coronavirus crisis that has over-worked hospitals.

Beginning Of The Locust Plague

The swarms of millions of desert locusts that expand up to 4 miles long. These swarms entered into the Western state of Rajasthan from Pakistan at the beginning of May. And these have since entered UP, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Additionally, the Food and Agriculture Organization stated that the current locust problem the strong winds that followed the Cyclone Amphan caused the problem. The cyclone hit India and Bangladesh in May.

Desert Locusts Are More ‘Destructive’

The FAO stated that desert locusts are the most destructive of all the other locust species. This is because of their speed and their ability to multiply quickly. A grown locust can fly up to 93 miles an hour. The swarms have ruined crops across the country. Further, it’s unfortunate as we are already struggling with an economic crisis because of a pandemic.


The Country About To Tackle The Problem With Drones

The Union Ministry of Agriculture recently said that India is about to be the first country to control locusts via drones. Also, the centre took this decision after finalising the protocols and getting necessary statutory approvals. Moreover, the officials are concentrating more in Rajasthan with more resources, the Agriculture Ministry stated in a conference.

According to the ministry’s information, teams are tracking all the groups of locust swarms. These refer to state agriculture departments of Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, local administrations and officials of the Central Locust Warning Organisation. Also, it said other control operations are underway. More control teams from Rajasthan have been moved to Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to help control operations being carried out to ward away locusts in these two states, the release said. Also, ground control teams are constantly tracking them and will undertake major control operations once they settle down.

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