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HURRICANE PAULETTE FORMS: Tropical Storm Sally Moves Away From South Florida And Now On its Way To Bermuda.

The National Hurricane Center already issued an alert of the Northern gulf Coast giving the projected path of Tropical storm sally, which formed Saturday afternoon about 35 miles southeast of Naples, Florida.

People from the New Orleans,Biloxi and Florida’s Panhandle, including Panama City, should monitor the progress of the system . Which turned into a Trophical storm a bit more fast than projected, with the highest sustained winds of 40 mph at 2 p.m Saturday as per day National Hurricane Center.

Trophical Storm Sally is project to be a hit somewhere along the Mississippi Coast as a Hurricane by morning of the Tuesday. Trophical storm  or the Hurricane watched and storm surge watches that can be issue for a portion of those areas later this Saturday.


The Bahamas and the Florida Hit by the Hurricane as of 5  pm . And it will form a depression, the Prosecutor to the Trophical Storm. Winds of Maximum sustained winds 35 Kmph as it moves to Biscayne.

Because the system will bring heavy down pours the thunderstorms along with the winds emerge over the Gulf of mexico on Saturday.

Dangerous impacts from storm surge, wind, and heavy rainfall will be possible along the Gulf Coast. From the Florida Panhandle to southeastern Louisiana,” posted on National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane season, which historically has peaked around Sept. 10, extends through Nov. 30 — well even  the atmosphere does not own a calendar. Suffice to say, there will be storms to come.

But , And we have to take precautions as per there need ! Lets hope well now.

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