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Hunter X Hunter Season 7: The Complete Guide to Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast, And More

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Indeed, HxH is one of the most recognizable anime of all time. The anime not only provided an in-depth storyline, but it also executed the manga arcs admirably.

Furthermore, the thrilling battle sequences have frequently left us speechless. However, the prospects for Hunter x Hunter Season 7 appear bleak.

Nonetheless, the anime’s popularity would almost certainly pave the way for another exciting season. Without a doubt, the first six seasons enchanted viewers with their extraordinary storylines.

On the contrary, the anime’s massive success may have had the opposite effect during Season 7. As a result, let’s go over the information we have about the upcoming season of HxH.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Is Confirmed?

Yoshihiro Togashi, the author, recently confirmed in a tweet that he has resumed work on new Hunter x Hunter manga material. This is the only information we have, and it is not guaranteed that Madhouse will renew the show for another season.

But, in any case, this is good news because there will soon be more source material for a new potential season. Madhouse has yet to announce plans to renew Hunter X Hunter for new seasons.

They’re currently preoccupied with other projects and have released a number of anime series and films in recent years. It’s also worth noting that the source material for an anime adaptation has already been exhausted in previous seasons. We now have more hope for a new season, thanks to the arrival of the new source material.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Premiere Date 

It’s impossible to say because there hasn’t been any confirmation of the renewal. There is still a lot of work to be done, and right now, the creator’s mental health is far more important.

Fans should not be concerned, however, because it is common for anime series to take long breaks before releasing new seasons.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments in Hunter X Hunter 7.

Why is Season 7 of HXH being delayed?

Yoshihiro Togashi’s health issues and back pain prevent him from consistently releasing new manga editions, which is also the reason for the hiatus of future seasons. Furthermore, the extreme pressure of publishing new volumes continued to push Togashi to work long hours.

However, the 55-year-old manga writer has planned numerous new chapters to feed the hungry fans and released the 36th volume in 2019, which is Togasi’s most recent volume.

May he remain healthy and continue to release new manga chapters. Even though Hunter X Hunter Season 7 will not be released, fans are still hoping for new manga chapters. Another season of the anime is in order.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7  Cast

According to Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s social media, they will return to reprise their roles in Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

Funimation translated the Japanese version of their post into English so that viewers outside of Japan could understand Gon and his friends’ iconic dialogues.

‘Back to where she started with her partner,’ the voice actress wrote on Instagram. Megumi Han provides the voice of Gon Freecss, while Mariye Ise portrays Killua Zoldyck, the anime TV series’ other main protagonist.

Erica Mendez and Michael McConnohie will reprise their roles as Gon and Killua, respectively.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7  Plot

Season 6 of Hunter x Hunter ended with Gon meeting his father, Ging, who was his true inspiration and helped him pass the Hunter exam.

Gon returned his father’s Hunter license after they learned from each other’s previous experiences. Knov recalls Morel fondly, and Kiriko assumes Gotoh’s identity. Mito, on the other hand, received Gon’s letter, and Gon rejoins the Kite group. That’s the end of Season 6.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will begin with the ‘Dark Continent Expedition Arc,’ which features Isaac Netaro’s muscular son organizing an expedition within the Dark Continent.

The anime series is known for introducing new characters and their various abilities, so we will see zodiacs as well. They don’t know if Netaro has a son who can defeat them after they capture him.

Kurapika will be appointed as the 289th Hunter exam’s supervisor. New students will arrive, similar to Miss Nagato Season 2, but only the most deserving will be granted a Hunter license.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7  Trailer

We don’t have an official teaser or trailer because there hasn’t been an official announcement. We will update this section as soon as the Season 7 trailer is available. 

 Where To Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 7 

Viz Media distributes the Hunter x Hunter manga worldwide. Furthermore, the anime is available on a variety of platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and others. Hopefully, you found the information about Hunter x Hunter Season 7 useful.


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