Children in conflict
Children in conflict
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Human Rights Groups Write To UN Over Removal Of Yemen From Blacklist

Various human rights organisations urged the UN to reconsider taking down Saudi coalition’s name from a blacklist. The list constitutes of parties that have killed or injured children during conflicts.

The Letter By NGOs And Humanitarian Groups

About 24 NGOs and humanitarian organisations wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressing disappointment. This comes a week after he released the annual report on children affected in armed conflict. Also, the letter suggests how releasing an annual report and delisting of the important parties show disparities.

It focuses on two main parties that affected the rights of children during wars and similar conflict. One of them is the Saudi led coalition, that killed children in Yemen. Also, it includes Myanmar’s Armed forces deployed children and used them.

Children In Conflict
Children In Conflict

Delisting Of Parties By The UN

The report released by the UN showed that Saudi killed or maimed about 222 children in Yemen. But, the UN delisted Saudi led coalition by saying that there is a significant decrease in atrocities. The UN also cited this was because they signed a Memorandum of Understanding last year addressing casualties. With the children of Yemen facing a famine-like situation, are orphaned, tortured by the forces, this step seems nothing but ignorant.

Similarly with Myanmar, the UN defended itself by saying that Myanmar only had eight cases of recruitment and 197 cases of use. This is not the first time UN’s SG has delisted a party from a blacklist. Ban Ki-Moon took a similar step in 2016 when Saudi staged a protest over its blacklisting.

Signatories Of The Letter

Iran led Houthis is still in the UN’s list of shame as it failed to curb atrocities against children. The report further suggested that discrepancies in the list are not inevitable. According to the groups, the list lacks credibility and is of no use. All in all, they requested the UN to reconsider the delistings. Some signatories of the letter include Amnesty International, Save the Children, Human Rights Watch, Global Centre for Responsibility to protect, Norwegian Refugee Council, Medecins du Monde and World Vision International.

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