How To Update Your Apps On IOS 13


I’m obsessed with keeping my programs current, and for decades, this has led me to adhere to the exact same exact pattern every time I open up the App Store on my iPhone. I instantly tap the Updates tab, refresh the listing just to make sure every upgrade is there, tap the Update Al button, and enjoy a rush of endorphins because my telephone downloads all those sweet, sweet bug fixes and performance enhancements.

On iOS 13, however, Apple has replaced my cherished Updates tab with Apple Arcade, so when I first started with the new OS, I was missing. How would I get my own upgrades? After more dread than I care to admit, I eventually figured it out. The process is just as simple as it was before. Is only a bit more hidden.


Here the way to upgrade your programs

Open the App Store.
Tap on your Apple ID profile picture at the upper right corner.
In case you have upgrades already pending, shall be in the bottom of your display. If you would like to refresh the listing, just pull down.
In case you have updates ready, tap Update Al in the peak of the upgrades list and watch those upgrade circles fill.

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