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How to Pass Microsoft MS-101 Exam? Will Practice Tests Help Prepare for It?

CreditwCredit  there are a lot of enterprise administrators who want to be the certified experts in their sphere to get some improvements in their career and verify or even enhance their current knowledge and skills. These professionals participate in planning, evaluating, deploying, managing, and migrating Microsoft 365 services. They also carry out Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks for the enterprises, including their identities, compliance, security, and technologies support. The perfect option for these specialists is to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certificate. And to obtain it, you need to pass two exams in total: Microsoft MS-100 together with Microsoft MS-101. In this article, we will talk about the second test as the last frontier of your journey to the top.

What skills will show your eligibility for taking the Microsoft MS-101 exam?

To take Microsoft MS-101, the candidates should have working knowledge of the Microsoft 365 workloads. They must have worked as the administrators for at least one of these workloads, which include Windows as a Service, Skype for Business, Exchange, and SharePoint. They also need to have competence in the IT fundamentals, such as Active Directory, PowerShell, and DNS. Their in-depth knowledge of server administration and networking is also a prerequisite for taking this certification exam.

The MS-101 test is designed to evaluate your skills and competence in some technical tasks, which include the management of Microsoft 365 compliance & governance, as well as the implementation of modern device services and Microsoft 365 security & threat management. It is very critical that the learners develop their capacity to perform these tasks before sitting for the exam.

What should you know about the Microsoft MS-101 exam pattern?

Microsoft MS-101 is one of the new role-based certification tests introduced in 2020. It follows the standard of other Microsoft exam, which means that you can expect about 40-60 questions and have 120 minutes for its completion. The types of questions to be expected include drag and drop, multiple choice, review screen, mark review, hot area, case studies, best answer, short answer, build list, and other formats. To pass this certification test, you have to get 700 points (out of 1000). If you don’t score these marks, you will need to retake the exam. This process requires that you pay another fee and you can only try again after 24 hours of your first attempt. If you don’t pass on the second try, there is a need to wait for at least 14 days before you can attempt for the third time. All in all, you can take any Microsoft test up to five times within a period of twelve months from your first exam date. It is very crucial to note that you have to pay a new fee for every try.

The exam fee for Microsoft MS-101 is $165. It is applicable to those test takers who are from the United States. If you reside in any other part of the world, you should check the official site to find out about the price for taking the exam in your location. To register for the MS-101 certification test, you should go through the exam webpage. Click the “Schedule Exam” button to get redirected to the registration section. You must have a Microsoft account to be able to register for your test. Depending on your language preferences, you can take it in English or Japanese.

What topics do you need to master for the Microsoft MS-101 exam?

Microsoft MS-101 evaluates specific tasks covered within the domain of the exam objectives. There are three core topics that the applicants must master in order to develop the capacity to perform the required tasks. They include the following:

  • Implementing modern device services – (30-35%);
  • Managing Microsoft 365 governance & compliance – (35-40%);
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 Security & threat management – (30-35%).

These are just the general exam objectives. There are also the detailed subtopics that must be understood before attempting the test. You can find all the details as well as other vital information regarding this section on the Microsoft website. The percentage attached to each domain offers critical information about the weight of the questions in the exam. The rule of the thumb is that you should expect more questions from those subjects that have a higher percentage. So, please pay more attention to them.

What are the preparation options for the Microsoft MS-101 exam?

In this post, you can find certain study tips and tricks for your preparation process. Your choice is dependent on your goal and current level of experience.


  • If you are a newcomer


If you need an in-depth knowledge of the topics, the comprehensive study option will be a great approach for you. It is mostly recommended for the individuals with little experience in the domain who would like to gain some hands-on experience in the course of preparation. For this group of students, we recommend the Microsoft Learning Platform. There are two options you can explore there – instructor-led training courses and online free resources.

The instructor-led course is aimed at those individuals who are aspiring to take up the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role. It covers three core components of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration. These are Microsoft 365 security management, Microsoft 365 device management, and Microsoft 365 compliance management. The applicants for this training will be able to explore and learn all about these core areas as well as other associated components.

The online training features a range of resources and learning paths. Currently, Microsoft MS-101 does not have a path to learn for free but you can find other study materials for this test on the Microsoft platform.


  • If you are an expert in the field


The second option is for those candidates who have the relevant skills and experience and want to validate them by taking the test. These people don’t necessarily have to go the long haul of comprehensive study. They also don’t have the luxury of time to attend a training course. For this group of learners, Certbolt is the best platform to get direct and concise resources. You will find practice tests that come with real questions and answers. They have been verified and certified by the seasoned professionals to be relevant and up-to-date for your preparation. With these practice questions, you can ace Microsoft MS-101 at your first attempt without any issue.


If you want to become a certified specialist with the expert-level credential from Microsoft, it is impossible to let the chips fall where they may. You need to prepare with great deliberation and use your full potential to showcase the skills you have. Otherwise, you will not get all the credits that you can get after obtaining the badge. So, take everything you need and clear the task with high results.

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