How To Make Google Assistant Or Alexa Find Any Missing Item With A Tile Tracker


Back in September, Tile — the company that helps you find your Lost items by Minding Bluetooth-enabled tags — announced That you’d soon have the ability to request Google Assistant to help you find your Tile-attached items without having to say”Hey Google, inquire Tile” every single time you make a request. That integration is here, so we compiled a brief guide about how you can use it to find your things — and we have compiled some advice about how to use Alexa with Tile.

Google Assistant

First, you’ll have to set up the Tile with Google Assistant. To do that:

When you have a Tile, open up the Google Home program, tap”Add,” and tap”Set up apparatus”

About the”Setup” page, look for”Works using Google.” Harness the option,”Have something already setup?”

Look under”Add new” to Tile (there’s a long list there, so you ought to probably use the search box on the top ), then you will be prompted to enter your Tile login information

Once you’re logged into, assuming you have already associated your Tile having an item using the Tile app (for example, your keys), you can ask Google Assistant two types of questions regarding your Tile, according to a Tile support file

If you want your Tile to ring, which might make it easier to find in your couch cushions, ask Google Assistant possibly:”Hey Google, ring my keys,” or”Hey Google, make my keys ring”


If you want Google Assistant to tell you the location of your Tile, ask Google Assistant possibly:”Hey Google, where are my keys,” or”Hey Google, find my keys.” Google Assistant will then tell you something such as,”Your keys had been seen at 4PM near Home.”

Amazon Alexa

Here’s how you set up Tile with Alexa:

Open the Alexa app, tap the menu icon in the top left, and tap”Skills & Games”

There should be a search bar or magnifying glass near the top of the page. Search for”Tile,” pick the Tile skill in the search results, and tap”Enable.”

Then put in your Tile account info to log in

When asking Alexa on your Tiles, you still have to say,”Alexa, request Tile to…” every time you make a request. But the controls are just like the ones for Google Assistant, according to a Tile support record .

If You’d like your Tile to ring, inquire Alexa,”Alexa, ask Tile to ring my keys” or”Alexa, inquire Tile to Find my keys”

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