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z, 9h, 4, a, e1, 3mv, z, 3, How To Confront Strangers Who Don't Wear Masks Without Publicly Shaming Them? - The Tech Education
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How To Confront Strangers Who Don’t Wear Masks Without Publicly Shaming Them?

The ongoing pandemic has made us adopt certain new things. And masks are on of them because it is the most pivotal measure against the deadly virus. But there are people who are still reluctant to wear masks. How to deal with them?

People And Their Reluctance To Put On Mask

The world is full of stupid and ignorant people! Even the deadly pandemic failed to inculcate common sense in some people and everyone is suffering because of that.

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We all know that Coronavirus pandemic has affective our lives to a big extent. Several nations had to order complete lockdowns for months which shattered the economy. And also affected the livelihood of many. Now things are returning back to normalcy. But we should forget that lockdowns are being lifted to stabilize the economy and the virus threat still remains.

And it will remain until we get any potential cure for it. But till then life has to go on, but by adopting some precautionary measures. Out of which masking up while going out is most important. But there are plenty of people who do not take that seriously.

When we go out to shop or see vacation pictures of some people we notice that they are very careless when it comes to mask. Thus posing a risks to themselves and others in and around them.

How To Confront Such Ignorant Strangers Who Don’t Wear Masks?

Well, if your near and dear ones show their reluctance on wearing masks we can tell them directly. But what about strangers. how to confront them?

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There are times when we seriously want to shame people in the public for not wearing masks. But is that really a good idea? It doesn’t seem like because at such instances people end up indulging themselves in verbal fights. And even physical ones if it gets really bad. Therefore shaming people publicly does not seem a good idea.

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So if you see a stranger near you without proper mask, just move six feet away from that person. And make them indirectly realize that they are posing a threat to everyone in and around them. Apart from that instead of confronting them directly you can start talking about the importance of masks with people accompanying you.

This might help the person to realize. These might not be effective because we have seen people who still remain ignorant when it comes to masks. Leave ordinary people even our beloved Mr. President is quite famous for his enmity with masks.

Therefore it is better to just ensure our own safety and maintain a safe distance from people who dare to move around without masks. The entire world is hoping for a potential cure for the virus to come out soon.

But till then we need to make it a point to ensure the safety of our near and dear ones. Therefore just abide by the safety protocols and stay away from this menace called ‘coronavirus.’

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