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How Did Jerry Jones Make His Money? With Whom He Married?

How Did Jerry Jones Make His Money?

How Did Jerry Jones Make His Money?

Jerry Jones is an American CEO, entrepreneur, and owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones earned his first fortune as an executive vice president of Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri. He was also the founder and owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease, which searches for natural resources of oil and gas in Arkansas.

Jerry Jones Early Life: Where Was He Born?

Jerry Jones grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, after being born in Los Angeles. He played football at North Little Rock High School and the University of Arkansas.  He was a Kappa Sigma fraternity member, football co-captain, and all-SWAC offensive lineman in college. Jones’ Arkansas teammate was Jimmy Johnson, whom he eventually hired as Cowboys coach.

Jerry Jones Career: How Did He Start His Career?

Jones borrowed $1 million from Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters union in 1965 to open Shakey’s Pizza outlets in Missouri. Jones’s experiment failed, so he joined his father’s insurance office. The company’s EVP. In the 1960s, he started various businesses. Jones wanted to acquire the San Diego Chargers with Teamster money.

He returned to Arkansas in 1970 to complete his MBA. Jones started Jones Oil and Land Lease, a natural resource prospecting company. He spent 20 years making money and planning a comeback. Jones and Yankee Global Enterprises formed Legends Hospitality in 2008. Legends serve Cowboys Stadium with food, drink, merchandise, retail, and stadium operations.

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Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys for $140 million in 1989. Inflation-adjusted, that’s $300 million now. Soon after the purchase, he sacked the team’s sole coach, Tom Landry, and hired Jimmy Johnson. He sacked GM Tex Schramm and took over football himself.

The Cowboys started under Jones 1-15. Next season, Jones and Johnson’s club went 7-9. The Cowboys went 11-5 in 1991 and lost in the second round of the playoffs. Super Bowl XXVII was won by the Cowboys in 1992-93. The next year, they won Super Bowl XXVIII.

In 1993, a power conflict strained Jones and Johnson’s friendship. Jones offended Johnson in March 1994 when he said any coach could have guided the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. After the Cowboys won their second consecutive Super Bowl on March 28, 1994, they parted ways. Johnson received a $2 million bonus.

Jerry Jones Family

In college, he met his pageant-winning wife Gene. Stephen, Jerry Jr., and Charlotte are their children. Their grandchildren are number nine. Stephen, who graduated from Arkansas, is the Dallas Cowboys COO, EVP, and VP of player personnel. Charlotte, a Stanford graduate, is the Cowboys’ vice president of charities and special events. Jerry Jr. studied law at Georgetown and Southern Methodist. Jerry Jr. is the Cowboys’ CSO/VP.

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Jerry Jones Real Estate

Jerry Jones and his wife own a $20 million property in Dallas’ Highland Park. Jones runs Blue Star Land. In 2018, the corporation bought a 200-acre location for Star Business Park for $38 million. The company bought 60 acres in 2019. Blue Star intends to build a 400,000-square-foot Cowboys merchandising center.

Jerry Jones Net Worth: How Did Jerry Jones Make His Money?

Jerry Jones is worth $11 billion dollars. As executive vice president of Modern Security Life in Springfield, Missouri, Jerry Jones made his first big money. He also started and owned the company Jones Oil and Land Lease, which looks for oil and gas in Arkansas. Jones paid $140 million for the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. At least $6.5 billion is how much the team is worth right now.

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