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How Did Boots Die? Boots In Dora The Explore Is No More!

How Did Boots Die?

How Did Boots Die?

Boots is Dora’s best friend and one of the hosts of the show. He is a furry monkey who is five and a half years old (four for the first 12 episodes and five after that). He likes having Dora’s hand in his. Boots, unlike Dora, makes mistakes and loses hope.

When he’s down, he always gets back up quickly with one of his flips. Boots might make Dora laugh more than anyone else. The most recent TikTok sample tells potential users to look up how Dora and Boots died and report how they felt about it.

In the videos that follow, users often exaggerate how shocked they were to learn about the hypotheses. So, the clips do a good job of making people think that Dora’s death is a strange tragedy.

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How Did Boots Die?

When Boots was buried alive, he died.

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