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How COVID- 19 Cases In New York Shoot Up To 2% Within A Week?

New York has now crossed the margin of Covid-19 cases more than China. The report says that New York has recorded more than 100,000 of coronavirus cases, which is more than the confirmed cases from the UK and China.

As per the official data from the New York City Government, there has been an increase of 5695 cases this Sunday. The total number of confirmed infectious people in New York are 104,410. The report says that the city’s Death count is 6898 and more than 27,000 people are currently in recovery.

How New York Is In More Trouble Than China And UK

Johns Hopkins University estimated that New York City has more Covid-19 Cases than the United Kingdom and China. The United Kingdom recorded almost 85,208, whereas China recorded 83,135.

The United States has almost 557,000 cases of infectious people and some are still in recovery. However, 22,000 people have already died so far in the country. The global confirmed cases of Coronavirus are 1.8 million and in total 114,185 people have died from this infectious disease.

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How Many Cases In New York?

The New York city recorded almost 189,000 of coronavirus cases and became the red hotspot in the country of the United States. The Mayor of the City ‘Bill De Blasio’ said in an interview on Sunday that since the past week, it has become really tough for them to arrange city hospitals. He also said not to underestimate this virus.

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Andrew Cuomo Statement Concerning The Increasing Case Of Covid-19

Blasio said that coronavirus is so furious and will challenge the people who come in contact with it. The governor ‘Andrew Cuomo’ said that more than 758 people have died in the state from this infectious disease within 24- hours. He said described this issue as a “tribble news” and the rate of the infectious disease is currently running slow.

The Governor said that he will soon work with New Jersey to plan the reopening of the economy. They will also talk about the necessary steps regarding the virus and will make some rules regarding the Covid-19.

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