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How Camilla Went from UK’s Most Hated Woman to Charles’ Greatest Strength

It is the morning of April, 15 years ago when Camilla Parker Bowles was set to marry the future king of the Royal Family. She was going to take place of the most beloved woman in the country Princess Diana, years after she blamed Camilla for the destruction of their beautiful marriage.

But even after being described as ‘the most hated woman in Britain’, her love was resolute for Prince Charles. The Duchess and 71-year-old Prince Charles will spend their wedding anniversary in isolation as Brikhall.

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Beginning of a New Love

The seeds of romance were sowed in a polo match which took place in the year 1972 where these two met. Charles was then 24. While Camilla was dating an Army officer Andrew Parkes Bowles.

These two were introduced by a mutual friend and had six months of the relationship as she wanted payback from Andrew. The relationship ended as Charles went abroad. Seeing this as an advantage Andrew proposed Camilla and she accepted. When Charles heard about this he was devastated but she had her heart set on Andrew.

Their friendship remained as Charles was seen visiting the couples and their two children. After a while, Camilla found Andrews cheating on her- she then turned to Charles to comfort her emotionally.

The affair this time lasted for about two to three years but ended on an abrupt note when Charles met Diana.

Charles married Diana when she was 20 years old in 1981. Despite having two children William and Harry their marriage had faults and the old romance rekindled. A personal phone call between Charles and Camilla was leaked in public in the year 1993. Diana called it ‘sick’.

In an interview, Diana referred Camilla as a wicked witch, a marriage wrecker who is globally loathed. She also compared her to a rottweiler and also as a third person in their marriage.

Gradually over the past few years people realized that she isn’t the rottweiler as Princess Diana referred her. She is friendly, funny and a lovely woman and she will always support Prince Charles as she has been.


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