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Hong Kong’s National Security Legislation-Govt. Strikes At Opponents

Political events in Hong Kong took a new turn when its parliament passed the Hong Kong National Security Legislation. In a recent statement, the Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam took a jab at everybody opposing the new law. Disregarding the efforts of the government, everybody who stands against it is the enemy of the people. The world did not take long to criticise this move, citing various ways this could go wrong.

The Background

Although the Hong Kong government has tried to impose a similar law in 2003, the efforts were withdrawn after mass protests. When the People’s Republic Of China realised that the political climate in HK would forever hold any legislation hostile under section 23 of Basic Law, it made changes. The PRC thought the enactment and introduction would be smooth if the National Congress initiates.

These attempts all boil down to the efforts towards reunification. The desire of imposing the ideology of ‘one country, one system’ has highly motivated these dissensions.

HK’s National Security Legislation

Given an assent on 28th May 2020, this legislation has attracted widespread protests in Hong Kong. People gathered in huge numbers since the situation after the pandemic had become normal. The legislation contains seven clauses. Further, it aims to address issues like terrorism, subversion and secession. Also, a point of contention remains that of ‘foreign interference’. The legislation requires HK to set up authorities responsible for the ‘security’ of the region. Not surprisingly, the Chinese government will back these forces (article 4)

Carrie Lam and Xi Jinping
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The Chief Executive will present regular reports on the security situation, giving a wide-angle to Beijing.

Why Do The People Protest?

This Legislation seems to second handedly shut the voices of protest in Hong Kong. The people believe this is a never-ending cycle. If the government uses this very legislation to torture the citizens, it would not come as a jolt. Moreover, the Security law is supposed to have a wide jurisdiction, giving autonomy over rare security cases in HK. Also, the long term goal of the Chinese government comes out of an International Spector. Does this surprise us? No.

The long term goal we’re talking about is how elite ties of the country view the situation. The ties conducting business are not bothered by the affairs unless there is a threat from national security of the country. And the biggest threat was and remains to be from Hong Kong.

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