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Home And Away: Star Speaks On The Cut-Down In Crime Plots

What Is Home And Away?

There are very few shows that last for a very long time. Many shows do not get enough viewers to have even more than one season. Other shows, however, last for three to four good seasons before fans lose their interest in the show. But there are some shows, that not only last for ten to twelve seasons but last for more than twenty seasons.

Shows like Doctor Who, Grey’s Anatomy, and many talk shows have been going on for decades. One of the greatest long-running shows is “Home And Away”. The Australian show was created by Alan Bateman. The first episode of the show came way back on 17 January 1988 on the Seven Network. The show has 33 seasons and an astounding number of 7318 episodes. Moreover, there is also a pilot film of “Home and Away” and there are also 5 specials of the show.

The show has sold its rights to more than 80 countries in the world. It is a globally very famous show. In Britain, even though it’s an Australian show, it is still has a very large number of viewers.

Home and Away faces uncertain future as TV bosses slash salaries ...

Home And Away Plot And Cast

Since the show has been running for over 33 seasons, there have been many different cast members of the show. Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart) and Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) are the only characters that have been there since Season 1. Other characters have constantly been changing. There have been many famous actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Steve Peacocke, Isla Fisher, James Stewart, and Rebecca Breeds.

The show is about the lives of people living in Summer Bay. Summer Bay is a fictional city in New South Wales. The show is about a couple that builds a foster house in the area and houses foster kids. These foster kids keep changing over the years.

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Home And Away: Star Speaks On Cut-Down In Crime Plots

Georgie Parker, the show’s longest-running character, recently talked about why the show now has fewer crime-based storylines. The show has had many crime storylines in the past. Critics praised a lot of storylines in the past. But Parker said that the show has cut down on crime plots because they want to respond to what fans are saying.

Parker says that over the past few months, fans have been showing an averseness to the crime plots. Fans want the show to go back to the smaller story content. Soap Operas are famous for their depiction of smaller story content. Parker said that they want to ensure fans continue to enjoy the show and hence, they cut down on crime plots.

It is great news for fans who have been following the show for decades now. It is always heartening to see that people’s favourite shows are looking to ensure that they do not become boring for their fans.

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