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Hitman III Game Modes Detailed In Blog Post

Developers IO Interactive has published a new blog post which describes all of the new game modes that will be a part of Hitman III. Most of these are modes that Hitman veterans will be familiar with. However, IO Interactive does seem to be phasing out the multiplayer components of some of its modes.

Hitman III Won’t’ Have Any Multiplayer Modes

The biggest omission from Hitman III is Ghost Mode. This game mode first came to the series in Hitman II, and it featured a 1v1 multiplayer component. Both players had to take out the same target, with the first take out five targets winning the round.

Not only is Ghost Mode not going to be a part of Hitman III, but IO Interactive is also shutting down its multiplayer servers for Hitman II on August 31, 2020. Sniper Assassin also had a co-op mode in Hitman II, but it won’t be back in Hitman III. As is the case for Ghost Mode, IO Interactive does plan on shutting down its multiplayer servers for Hitman II. It is still available as a purely singleplayer experience in Hitman III, though.

Hitman 3
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Familiar Game Modes Are Back In Hitman III

The rest of the modes do seem like they’re back for Hitman III, though. It has its own story campaign, of course. The targets that Agent 47 takes on in this campaign will wrap up the World Of Assassination trilogy. Elusive Targets is also back, although IO Interactive does mention that they’re going to make some changes. They don’t mention what these changes will be, but we should find out in the future.

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There’s also Escalations, which seems like an endurance mode. The targets will get progressively tougher. “Disguise restrictions, added security cameras and other kinds of other complications will be thrown your way,” reads the blog post.

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Contracts Mode Will Let Players Challenge Themselves, And Their Friends

Contracts Mode is back for Hitman III, too. This lets players select their targets, as well as how they must eliminate them. They can then challenge their friends to do better than they did. It blends the fun of something like Mario Maker with the sandbox gameplay of Hitman. Sounds like fun.

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