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t, l, 2dk, 0gp, 0, r, 22, df0, Here's Why Donald Trump Disagreed With Militia Group And White Supremacists In Presidential Debate - The Tech Education
Donald Trump and Joe Biden
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Here’s Why Donald Trump Disagreed With Militia Group And White Supremacists In Presidential Debate

During the presidential debate, Donald Trump disagreed with white supremacists and violent rightwing groups. However, he did not showcase street brawlers, But at the end he said that someone has to do something.

Why Donald Trump Disagreed During The Presidential Debate?

The moderator during the debate tried to bring the same question to the president. Chris Wallace, the moderator, asked Mr Trump about his opinion on violence created by white supremacists. He insisted the president to condemn the action by rightwing groups. Although, the groups consist of armed militia and critiques & protesters from the rightwing.

Instead of talking about the issue, Trump addressed the Proud boys and defined them as far-right groups. However, the member of its group is sentenced to prison because they bombarded the protestors from leftwing. There was a lot of political chaos, and later they called this riot a political street fights.

In response to the situation, Trump said that proud boys stand back and stand by. He then adds that there has to be someone to stop all the chaos in the city and Antifa.

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Trump’s Proud Boys Group

The group of Proud Boys wore a black polo shirt and abruptly celebrated on the comment which Trump shared. One of the members from Proud Boys group labelled ‘Stand Back, Stand By’ as their logo.

The experts from the extremist department revealed the Trump’s message is biased. They also said that his statements can be dangerous and could encourage people to create violence in the city.

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Joe Biden

The ADL members defined the Proud Boys as an extremist. The members revealed that the group is filled with Islamophobic, Transphobic, misogynistic, and anit-immigrant ideology. They also said that few members have endorsed with white supremacist ideas. However, the southern poverty law also classified the group as a hate group.

During the year of 2019, the New York judge who declared two proud boys members stated the group. He said that the proud boy’s group is cracking down the cities and creating political violence.

Almost 1,000 people signed to support the Proud Boys. They were armed and rallied all around the cities, especially Portland.

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