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gey, x, ory, 9b, m55, r8v, k, hle, mq, m, fuh, j, Here's The Reason Why RCB Could Win Every Match With AVG Of 200 Runs Without The Captainship Of Virat Kohli - The Tech Education
Aakash Chopra and Virat Kohli
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Here’s The Reason Why RCB Could Win Every Match With AVG Of 200 Runs Without The Captainship Of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was criticised by a former Indian opener who made some remarks on him. Aakash Chopra who became a commentator in IPL 2020, said that RCB is better without Virat. However, the statement is quite right, and it created a little confusion among the fans.

Here Are The Remarks Of Aakash Chopra On Virat Kohli For Conducting Bad Captainship

Aakash said that Royal Challengers Banglore could have an average of 200 scores. With this, he adds that RCB can win all the matches without the captainship of Virat Kohli. He also said that RCB’s captain Virat is not devoting himself during this IPL 2020 season.

Captain Virat faced another failure during the last match, where he scored three runs within four balls. The leg spinner Rahul Chahar performed so well and took the wicket of Virat Kohli.

Apart from this, Devdutt Padikkal showcased his skills with a half-century. AB De Villiers and Shivam Dube on the other side gave an assurance to their team which RCB eventually posted 201 runs with only three wickets.

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What Did Aakash Chopra Comment On Devdutt Padikkal Performance?

However, Aakash praised a lot about Devdutt Padikkal and said that he did well with a matured knock. He noted that Devdutt had a perfect form, but when Virat came on the field, he had a doubt that his batting is not so fluent. After comparison with Virat, Akash said that Padikkal could be the future of India.

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Akash Chopra also tried to express his own opinion on the performance of Virat’s batting form. He said during the show that Virat’s captainship is not enough for Royal Challengers Banglore to win any match. Instead, he said that the team would score more than usual and win every game without the guidance of Captain Virat.

Talking about AB de Villiers, he changed the whole game with his professional skills. He scored almost 28 runs with only eight balls, while Jasprit Bumrah delivered the over.

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