Heres How To Avoid IOS 13 If You Want To


An update to a new variant of iOS is always exciting, and iOS 13 promises a few useful new features, such as a universal dark style and a better camera app. However, in our inspection, we discovered the new operating system also contains a range of bugs, such as programs crashing, mobile signals dropping, and smart home devices no longer working.


If yore an adventurous iPhone person who does mind dealing with possible problems, then enjoy your new operating system. But if you depend heavily on your phone for day-to-day tasks and not want to manage what might be a buggy update, caution might be the order of the day. Apple has assured that version 13.1, that will have a variety of bug fixes and new features, will be following soon.

Actually, the update ought to be on September 24th, just days after iOS 13 starts.



Should you rather be safe than sorry, afterward is simple to prevent the iOS 13 update. All you need to do is turn off Automatic Updates.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update
If the Automatic Updates setting is on (which it probably is), tap on it
Move the toggle to the left (so that is no longer green)

Your Automatic Updates setting is now off.


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