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Co-Stars Camila Mendes, Charles Melton And Madelaine Petsch Went With Thier Dogs For A Walk Amid Pandemic - The Tech Education
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Here’s How Riverdale Co-Stars Camila Mendes, Charles Melton And Madelaine Petsch Went With Thier Dogs For A Walk Amid Pandemic

Recently the co-actors of Riverdale, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Charles Melton were seen walking out with their dogs. However, the epic teenage mystery show “Riverdale” is currently on hold. The productions team from the US stopped their production when coronavirus hit all over the world.

How The Co-Stars of Riverdale- Camila Mendes, Charles And Madelaine Appeared In the Street?

Apart from this, these co-stars had a walk with their cute pooches on Friday morning. They went out with their dogs and strolled around the Canadian city.

Camilla M had a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ which she used for an outing during the commonwealth country. With this, she wore a denim jacket and to make it more appealing, and she wore blue jeans.

However, she also wore two slides on her feet and covered her face with a mask. Her mask had a beautiful design and appeared with leopard print.

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Here’s How Madelaine Beautiful Attire Took The Breath Away From Her Fans

Talking about her friend Madelaine Petsch, she wore Skintight jeans, added with a multicoloured cardigan.

Apart from this, the CW covered her face with a beautiful blue surgical mask and had flame-haired tresses. Her hair was loose, and it was flowing when she walked across the street.

The native Alaskan Melton had a pretty casual attire. He wore billowing pants and a T-shirt and continued to go home with two coffees in each hand. He also walked with his Husky pup, and they both looked cute.

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Riverdale is shut down because of the outbreak of coronavirus but shows like supergirl, charmed, and DC legends had to stop their productions.

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