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Mohammed Shami
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Here’s How Mohammad Shami Led His Team To Victory After Getting Defeated By Royals

Mohammed Shami, the purple cap holder and also a KXIP player, Mohammed Shami took almost seven wickets within three games. He ended the match against Rajasthan Royals with giving only the figure of 3/53 to Rahul Tewatia and Sanju Samson.

Who Was Better Between Mohammed Shami And Rahul Tewatia?

During the recent match, Rahul hit five incredible sixes within an over at the end of the game. Rajasthan Royals became the first team to score such highest run chases in IPL history. They beat Kings XI Punjab with only four wickets on this Sunday. Mohammed Shami deliveries had great pace and well-balanced form.

Kings XI Punjab gave the target of 224 and with this fans already imagined that there’s no chance that they could win.

They all thought that fate is already fixed, but Rahul Tewatia was the only one who changed the face of the game. It was unexpected to see when Tewatia scored 30 runs consecutively with Sheldon Cottrell during the 18th over.

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How Mohammad Shami Made It Easy For Rahul Tewatia To Turn The Whole Face Of The Match?

Mohammed made it a little difficult for Rajasthan. The match was unexpected and Tewatia at the beginning was struggling to connect with the pace of the ball.

He was pushed by order of Robin Uthappa and abruptly shifted the match with the assistance of hoisted Cottrell.

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Why Mohammad Shami And Rahul Tewatia Made It More Suspenseful?

He scored incredible sixes for his team, and it became a nail-biting situation for the opposition players. Rahul went down in the last bowl of 19th over, and rest of the players took Rajasthan home.

Rahul was supposed to content with Agarwal to play second fiddle. Even the KXIP captain also scored pretty well during his 54th ball with seven fours and a single six.

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