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Here’s How Megyn Kelly Tweeted About Controversial “Jacob Blake”, She Said He was carrying A Knife

Megyn got so much of hatred comments when she posted news, which concerned the death of “Jacob Blake”. She posted the news on her twitter that said “George Floyd was carrying a knife” when cops shot him. This news came recently which specified that a man named “Blake” died because the cops shot him from behind. He was Black and 29 years old.

Initiative Taken For Jacob

Many famous sports personalities took a stand for the protests. Players from many different sports such as tennis and NBA players canceled their match and supported Black lives Matter Protests.

Kelly on the other hand posted a controversial message on social media. She shared the link of this news and added her comment with it as well. She specifically Tweeted that Jacob Blake was carrying a knife when he was shot dead by the cops, says Wisconsin AG.

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Famous Celebrities who Retweeted Kelly with Hatred

Atima Omara Retweeted kelly by saying that she is a white feminist who can’t stand on herself and she will be with everyone until the sexual violence and Harassment is over. But after all this and when there is time for justice then she will become Miss Becky.

Roland Martin who is an undrafted agent has also retweeted kelly. In return, he said defending Jacob Blake that he was not carrying the knife it was actually inside the car. So clearly he wasn’t seem armed with a knife. But many unknown reporters fixed this as if it was Jacob’s fault.

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After the post, Kelly has not replied to anyone who mentioned her with a hatred comment. The people are confused about whether she did this to gain some more attention or is it an actual representation of the wrong Racism.

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