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k8, ztp, Here Is What Ruth Bader Ginsberg Taught Me Of Her History And ACLU!! All The Exclusive Details Are Here... - The Tech Education

Here Is What Ruth Bader Ginsberg Taught Me Of Her History And ACLU!! All The Exclusive Details Are Here…

Interview with a Supreme Court Justice!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was interviewed in 2018 with the American Civil Liberties Union. Speaking of her nature, she was the most soft-spoken person. However, her voice was so feeble that she was barely audible. Yet she was one of the most prominent personalities described in words: severe yet funny, self-deprecating yet self-assured.

Source: ustoday

Moreover, her art of convincing society is commendable. Furthermore,  she knew firsthand what discrimination meant. Despite sharing the first-place spot in her 1959 graduating class from Columbia Law School, no law firm would hire her. She said a lot of things straight to the point.

Her Experience!

With such high-octane positions blocked, Ginsburg clerked in a district court in New York. Consequently, became a research associate in a Columbia Law School project studying the judicial system in Sweden. Moreover, She discovered that in Sweden, unlike in America, female judges were typical: “It was not at all unusual to have a two-worker family.” However, the wife was generally expected “to have dinner on the table at 7.”

Source: Deadline

Ginsberg had been a researcher for constitutional law professor Robert Cushman, whose condemnation of McCarthyism inspired dreams of activism: “I thought I could earn a living with a paying job but also have time to help right the things that were wrong in society.”

Her exposure to Sweden, where women were afforded opportunities not generally offered in America. This reawakened her passion for social change. But she concluded, such feelings “on a back burner. … There really weren’t the tools” to accomplish much at the time.

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