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Heidi Klum Just Wore A Sheer, Lace Pantsuit, And She Is Extremely Toned

Heidi Klum Is All-Over Sculpted In See-Through, Lace Pantsuit Pics

Heidi Klum Is All-Over Sculpted In See-Through, Lace Pantsuit Pics

Heidi Klum knows how to get people’s attention. Last month, for Halloween she dressed up as a worm and people couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Now, Heidi has gone and done it again. On Monday, she wore a lacy, see-through pantsuit to Elton John’s Live show in Los Angeles.

Heidi who is 49, walked the red carpet with her husband Tom Kaulitz, and let me just say that these two are totally iconic together. But it was hard to miss how toned the supermodel was all over in her see-through outfit.

Heidi wore the lacey dress with a black bodysuit and a bralette that matched. She posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram with the caption, “Farewell, yellow brick road @eltonjohn.” “Thank you for giving the best performance I’ve ever seen.”

Heidi has turned off her comments section, but you can bet that if it was open, it would be full of fire emojis because she looked so strong and glowing.

Yannik Zamboni, who won Heidi and Tim Gunn’s show Making The Cut, had the Moschino jumpsuit hand-stitched for her so that it would fit for date night, which is pretty sweet.

Heidi’s toned body doesn’t come as a surprise because she’s always talked about how she has a very active lifestyle and makes time to move every day. For one thing, she’s always dancing, which is a great way to get your heart rate up and blood pumping.

Here, she is jumping all over the place before the music even starts to learn the steps for her “Chai Tea with Heidi” music video:

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