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Harry Styles Launches Ha Ha Ha Collection In Collaboration With Gucci

Harry Styles and Gucci Launch Ha Ha Ha Collection

To his extensive resume, Harry Styles is now including “fashion designer.”

The upcoming release of their co-designed “Ha Ha Ha” collaboration, which is named after the combination of their initials, was announced by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele during a press conference on Monday in Milan, according to Vogue.

“We’ve known each other for such a long time, and our shared obsession with fashion is what has brought us together,” Michele said before revealing that the collection is a natural outgrowth of their continuous WhatsApp conversations, which are filled with “floods of images of what we like” and highlight Styles’ in-depth understanding and appreciation of fashion.

He is the most courageous individual in all of his decisions, and, as he said, “he’s intuitively attuned to the new ways of self representation.” He is extremely articulate and aware of his eclectic approach, and he has an intriguing idea of what is sexy.

Michele acknowledged that he was “ready to be dismissive” when Styles first asked to meet while thinking back on their relationship and how it has changed over time. He claimed that when Styles arrived “dressed in a fabulous fake fur coat and I just loved it,” his perspective changed and their lifelong friendship was launched.

After that minor setback and years of dressing Styles, Michele and Styles are now prepared to introduce a collection of ’70s-inspired looks that were influenced by the singer of the song “Watermelon Sugarlove “‘s of playful clothing and the designer’s tailored sensibilities. For instance, there are vibrant wide-legged pants, grommet-studded totes, and a number of gingham items with adorable animal graphic prints, including Ha Ha Ha’s adorably adorable new mascot: a grumpy little teddy wear.

When is Ha Ha Ha Collection is coming out

This October, Gucci stores will carry the Ha Ha Ha collection.

The parent company of Gucci, Kering, unveiled plans with investors earlier this month to increase the label’s annual sales by more than 54 percent to close to $14.3 billion, driven primarily by the “high potential of Young Millennials and Gen Z” consumers, the Journal claims. The HA HA HA collection also reflects a new focus for Gucci’s business strategy.

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