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724, Harbhajan Singh Has Something To Say On Ambati Rayudu’s World Cup Exclusion
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Harbhajan Singh Has Something To Say On Ambati Rayudu’s World Cup Exclusion

The IPL season has started, and the first match was between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in which Ambati Rayudu scored 71 runs in 48 balls paving the win for Chennai Super Kings.

Rayudu For World Cup

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Harbhajan Singh praised the talent of Rayudu and said he deserved a spot in the World Cup team during 13th IPL match and originally Rayudu was the 4th choice for the batting position. Still, he didn’t get it instead that position went to Vijay Shankar.

And once again Rayudu proved that he is a better player in this year’s IPL and this made Harbhajan Singh says,

‘It will be less however much you appreciate Rayudu. I feel there was an injustice done to him when the World Cup team was picked. He should have been definitely there in that team.’

A Good Start

IPL 2020 : Team CSK Won By 5 Wickets
Source : republicworld.com

And about the match, Harbhajan said that they had made a bright start with the partnership of Rayudu and Du Plessis and they need to keep moving forward like this.

CSK has won an opening match against Mumbai Indians just like this before two years, and Harbhajan thinks that this might be a good omen and they can win this season too.

On the coming Tuesday, Chennai Super Kings is set to take on Rajasthan Royals.


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