Half – Life Alyx: A Teacher Recently Used The Game’s Marker Feature To Explain A Math Lesson

Half Life Image
Half-Life Board Used In Teaching Mathematics.

2020 has exploded with nightmares since the very beginning.

From the alarming world war threats and what looked like possible initiations to the end of humanity to a sudden

viral outbreak out of nowhere.

We are indeed at the brink of a precipice haunted by the eyes of the abyss itself.

But someway, somehow, we always manage to get that spark of hope and positivity around us in our darkest

of days.

Guess, it’s human nature to not give up on their kind.

Such an act was displayed and witnessed by the world not so long ago and which this article is all about.

If one could find the eye of the storm and calm his mind in the midst of all chaos prevailing us,

He would know that despite such a horrible start to the year, we have still had our OMG moments from it.

Especially if you could look from a gamer’s perspective, Summer brought with the release of ” HALF-LIFE: ALYX “,

a virtual reality-based shooting game that wants us to stop another one of the alien invasions,

most probably happening this year on Earth.

The game has gathered extreme clout and has completely stood to the expectations of their fans in all criteria.

From the original game icon of 1998, Half-life has managed to keep its reputation unharmed

and looks to set an example of VR games this year.

The versatile framework of the game allows you to use your survival instincts, combat techniques

and strategized means of war along with providing you with the pleasure of exploring, finding friends

and having real-life conversations with them.

But have you ever seen someone use Half-life as means of teaching?


Half used for teaching.

Trust me, I’m not drunk and neither am I a madman.

A mathematic teacher Charles Coomber from Spring Carter School in California has indeed used the very gaming

platform to give his students a lesson on angle vocabulary.


As crazy as it sounds, it is indeed the most realistic and innovative method of teaching ever at this time of the year.

Charles starts his lesson inside the game.

where he, the character is seen in the balcony alone looking down on the wasteland which he creatively reasons with the corona lockdown.

He then uses the basic marker feature of the game that allows you to draw on a translucent wall, which Charles utilizes as his board to present with ideas of angles, like that of complementary, supplementary, vertical and adjacent along with his well-represented diagrams and numerical while having proper student-teacher communication.

The ease and comfort with which he executes his task is truly remarkable

and is probably what got him viral all over social media.


It is a must-watch video for all of us!

Not only does it make you appreciate human capabilities,

but it also helps us realize the responsibilities and efforts teachers put in for their students.


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