Grindr’s owner gave staff access to sensitive user data


The Grindr Group Went Along And Practically Isolated Grindr’s

At the point when the US pushed Grindr’s proprietor to sell the application over national security concerns, it made just unclear implications to what may have provoked the choice. Presently, nonetheless, the circumstance is more clear. Reuters sources have asserted that Beijing Kunlun activated alerts after it gave designs in Beijing access to Grindr’s database for a while. While there wasn’t prove that the organization abused the information, the tipsters trust the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) was concerned that the Chinese government could brush the database to discover data on US insight and military faculty.

CFIUS requested Beijing Kunlun to limit access to the database in September, as indicated by the insiders. The Grindr group went along and practically isolated Grindr, yet by February its parent organization had chosen to close the Beijing office totally over approach and protection concerns. The exertion was to no end, however, as CFIUS purportedly requested that Beijing Kunlun auction Grindr in March.

With respect to skirting the survey procedure? The sources said that CFIUS surveys for accommodation were carefully discretionary, and Beijing Kunlun didn’t figure the arrangement would represent a national security chance at the time.


The parent organization hasn’t remarked on the report up until this point, yet a representative for Grind said that information protection and security “is and dependably will be a top need.”

The clarification still leaves Grindr with a dubious destiny, yet it sheds light on exactly why the US was apprehensive. It additionally mirrors the US government’s undeniably severe way to deal with Chinese organizations – it doesn’t need even the scarcest danger of China’s approaching private data.

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