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Greg Kelly’s First Day Of Trial In Nissan’s Court Case! Want To Know What Happened?Have A Look Here

Greg Kelly denies the whole of the charges raised against him in a trial. Also, He says that he is not guilty of the criminal charges put against him. To open up the whole story, let us inform you that we are talking about Nissan’s fugitive chairman’s case.

Greg Kelly has been placed on trial for allegedly being an aide to Nissan’s fugitive Chairman Carlos Ghosn.
While Ghosn is already facing the charges and is currently imprisoned for the last two years. And Greg Kelly faces a trial in Tokyo where he simply denied the allegations of an $ 87 million conspiracy case.

Source: euronews.com

Additionally, the whole case revolves around the hiding of $87 million worth of retirement funds. And Greg is charged with helping his ex-boss, Carlos. Moreover, The Nissan company itself is a party in the case who has paid a fine of $23 million.

The case proceedings are held in a district court in Tokyo. Here, these claims were made by Greg Kelly. And it was only the first day of proceedings. It is expected that this case might go for a period of 10 months as a whole to reach a final verdict.

Source: Glbnews.com

On Tuesday, Kelly was seen outside the court dressed in a suit along with a protective mask. Talking about the inside scene inside the courtroom, Kelly calls his ex-boss Carlson an “extraordinary executive”.

Kelly further credited him with bringing Nissan back from the edge of bankruptcy. Let us see in the due course of time, who will get convicted in the case. Till then, stay connected with us for the latest updates.

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