Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date Status : Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

Do you want to hear some fantastic news regarding GTA 6? After years of rumors and conjecture, Rockstar revealed in February 2022 that the new Grand Theft Auto game is in development.

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the all-time most popular games has a lot to live up to. GTA 5 sold almost 110 million copies and brought the Epic Game Store to a halt when it was made available as a weekly freebie, but we’re still waiting to learn what the successor will be and when we’ll be able to buy it.

Fans of the franchise have had to rely on speculations and tide themselves over with the latest GTA Remastered Trilogy, although it launched as a trainwreck. 

However, whispers have provided us with a general notion of anticipating in the series’ upcoming edition. According to Tom Henderson’s July video, which Jason Schreier validated, we’re looking at a game that attempts to expand on the foundations set by GTA 5, with the possibility of many protagonists and an ever-evolving metropolis.

However, it’s prudent to take everything said here with a grain of salt since no one can be positive until the formal announcement. 

However, whether you’re wondering about the speculations, the game’s release date, or the setting, this list of GTA 6 information should provide you with a good overview of what is presently known and rumored.

Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date

If Rockstar announced GTA 6 the day after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released (October 26, 2018 – mark your calendars), we’d have to wait about 22 months – or until August 2020 – based on past delays between console GTA announcements and releases. 

Naturally, Rockstar did not do so. Indeed, it accomplished nothing, leaving us with the information that GTA 6 was “early in development” as of April 2020. As a result, any form of release timeframe is impossible to forecast.

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According to the latest rumors, GTA 6 will be released in 2025. That comes with the caveat that the game is set in a modern-day Vice City that will grow and evolve.

It contradicts previous claims that GTA 6 will arrive in October 2023 and take place in Miami. That is from a questionable web source, but other information from that leak includes a single male protagonist, a 1970s setting, and a chaptered tale similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Combine that with Rockstar teasing fans on Twitter by asking us to “stay tuned” for GTA 6 updates, and it just becomes more intriguing.

Grand Theft Auto VI Settings

Everything is inextricably linked to Rockstar’s choice of location and decade. The return of GTA 5 to Los Angeles paves the way for a potential return to Vice City. Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North, reiterated Rockstar’s trinity of popular GTA locations in a 2013 interview with Develop.

“We have no clue what GTA 6 will be, but we have some ideas.” We have around 45 years’ worth of projects in mind. We’ll choose the best candidates. It begins with an idea. The first question is where it will be located. 

This defines the missions; in Los Angeles, you’re doing something different than in New York or Miami. The map and plot are developed concurrently, and the tale serves as a basic flow chart for how it all works out so that the mission can be layered in.”

Speaking of classic GTA locations, a scene from Liberty City emerged on a Rockstar developer’s profile a few years ago, reportedly made up in GTA 5’s engine. 

It might simply be a technological demonstration or a scene from a canceled single-player DLC. However, Rockstar has already discussed combining all of its towns into a single mega-game. That may seem ridiculously ambitious, but Rockstar may very well have the means to pull it out.

Rumors dating back to July 2021, backed up by a few independent sources, indicate that GTA 6 will return to Vice City. According to these allegations, GTA 6 will be set in a modern-day version of the series’s analog for Miami. 

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Additionally, these same forecasts state that the geography of GTA 6 will develop or extend over time, maybe through DLC or live game updates. With GTA 5 returning to Los Angeles, it would make sense for GTA 6 to take place in Miami. 

We’ll have to wait and see, but the fact that many sources support the Miami reports makes them the most credible we’ve heard in years and years of conjecture.

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