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Governor Andrew Cuomo Hits President Donald Trump !!

Governor Andrew Cuomo Hits President Donald Trump !!

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo hits President Trump by saying that he “better have an army” to walk down the streets of New York City. 

Cuomo said to the reporters in an interview, “From New York City, this has been the worst president in history.” He added, ” Trump has been actively trying to kill New York City ever since he’s been elected.”

“I think it’s because he is from New York City, and New York City rejected him. Always. He was always dismissed as a clown in New York City. Those who know him best like him least. That’s true about New York City, that’s true about his own family.”

Trump also made attacks on the Democratic countries for his reelection campaigns. 

The Governer also waved off the idea of Trump cutting funds for New York City. And also said that Trump must think before stepping into his home country. 

Cuomo said, “He can’t come back to New York. He can’t. Is he going to walk down the street in New York? Forget bodyguards; he better have an army if he thinks he’s going to walk down the street in New York.”

Rich Azzopardi, Sr. advisor of Cuomo, commented on a post on Twitter saying that, “what (Cuomo) meant was Trump was persona non grata after everything he did to his now-abandoned home town.”

Bill de Blasio, NY Mayor, also shared his view on this dispute. He said, “Your words don’t carry much weight on this topic because the Supreme Court has spoken. The president of the United States can’t interfere with federal funding for cities and states just because he feels like it. We have laws in this country. So if you persist in trying to deny the funding that’s keeping New York City going in the middle of this crisis, we will see you in court. And once again we will beat you in court.”

“The best thing he did for New York City was leave,” Cuomo said, indicating Trump.

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Source: Yahoo Money

Trump replied to Cuomo, saying that “Cuomo has the worst record on death and China Virus.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo said to the reporters, “I believe the president is fundamentally a bully,” he said. “It doesn’t work in New York because you can’t bully New Yorkers. We just don’t get bullied.”


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