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Gotham Knights Voice Cast Revealed

We now know the voice cast for the main characters, specifically the Batfamily, in Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal’s upcoming title. They first showed off this game during DC’s FanDome event on August 22, 2020.

Gotham Knights Reveals Its Voice Cast

The Gotham Knights twitter page listed each cast member, one by one, starting with America Young as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. We got a brief glimpse of her performance during the Gotham Knights gameplay demo. The rest of the cast includes Christopher Sean as Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Sloane Morgan Siegel as Tim Drake/Robin, Stephen Oyoung as Jason Todd/Red Hood and Gildart Jackson as Alfred Pennyworth.

They also mentioned that Michael Antonakos provided the voice for the Bruce Wayne in the game’s reveal trailer. Once again, they emphasized the fact that he’s dead. We’ll see about that.

Gotham Knights Bruce Wayne
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Gotham Knights Cast Has Mostly Fresh, Some Familiar Faces

WB Games Montreal had already confirmed that Gotham Knights is its own, standalone project. It has nothing to do with Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse. The casting reflects that as well. As far as we know, none of these actors has appeared in any of those titles.

That said, some of these actors do have some popular projects in their filmography. Christopher Sean voiced a character named Kazuda Xiono for Star Wars: Resistance, for example. However, those who have kept up on superhero games over the past few years will instantly recognise Stephen Oyoung amongst the cast.

Gotham Knights Red Hood
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Gotham Knights Isn’t Following The Games As A Service Model

Oyoung, of course, was the face model and voice actor for Martin Li/Mr. Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4. I thought he did a wonderful job in that game and he will likely do a great job here, too.

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I’ve slowly found myself warming up to what WB Games Montreal is trying to do with Gotham Knights. We recently heard that they’re not pursuing a “Games as a Service” model for the game, either. Let’s see how it turns out when it launches in 2021.

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