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Google Plans To Give Slow Websites A New Badge Of Shame In Chrome

Google is currently experimenting with a badge of shame for Websites in Chrome. “In the future, Chrome can identify sites that typically load fast or slow to users with apparent badging. “This may take quite a few forms and we intend to experiment with different choices, to ascertain which offers the maximum value to our customers.”

A badge that is brand new could appear in the future that is designed to Highlight sites that are”authored in a way that makes them slow generally.” Google will look at historic load latencies to find out flag them and which sites are guilty of slow loading times and the Chrome team is also currently exploring identifying sites that will load gradually according to device hardware or network connectivity.

Google is experimenting with having a loading screen (splash screen) to frighten Chrome users, or a loading progress bar that would seem green if the site is fast and, paradoxically, red if it’s slow. “We are building out speed badging in close collaboration with different teams exploring labelling the standard of encounters at Google,” clarifies the Chrome team. “We’re being very mindful together with our strategy to setting the bar for what is considered a fantastic user experience and hope to land on something that’s practically achievable by all programmers.”

It’s not clear exactly when this new badging program will look in Chrome, however, Google unveiled its own plans at the company’s Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco today. The company has carefully worded its statement with lots of”may” hedges, so it is likely Google is searching for instant feedback from internet developers before it evolves.

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Google also unveiled its vision to the future of Chrome now, And it appears that the company is focusing on WebAssembly, strong Capabilities, and Progress Web Programs (PWAs). Hopefully this will mean Web programs and like Native programs.


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