Google Now Becomes Multibillion-Dollar Hardware Business


It’d be, even if we understood how much of this was hardware The company’s hardware numbers were”great, but not where we want to be in the end of five years,” and that is the type of obscure advice we have had to settle for.

Ever because the Pixel 4’s launch hasn’t been a promising signal.

Even if it’s been good news, such as when the company revealed that the original Google Wifi had become the top-selling Wi-Fi router, it has not released sales amounts.


Roughly a year ago, Apple mentioned it had contributed $120 billion with App Store programmers , in contrast.

Hard to say which apparatus are leading the charge, make sure they Pixel phones and laptops; Nest doorbells, cameras, speakers, routers, and thermostats; or (less probable ) Chromecast dongles.

We’ve got no idea just how much money Google makes from hardware.

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