Google Maps Can Now Predict How Crowded Your Train Will Be


You understand it’s going to be packed on the bus to work, but Google Maps can provide you the heads up on just how bad it’ll be.


 Nowadays you’ll find on your transit instructions just how packed of a ride to anticipate.


Google first analyzed the feature in Sydney in October. Beginning Thursday, it will be accessible to iOS and Android users from 200 cities around the world. Those include 46 metro regions from the U.S., including Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and the Bay Area.
Also Thursday, Google Maps gathered out real-time delays and arrivals for public buses for all those 200 same cities.

When the bus program doesn’t match what’s happening in real-time, Google Maps will reveal exact arrival times at the bus stop. The transit view will also reveal problem points beforehand where the bus is likely to hit more delays.

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