Google Is Now Testing Incognito Style For Maps



Google is now testing Incognito Style for Maps


Google Maps is incredibly practical, it’s the way I get around pretty much everywhere outside of my house but the support also records a ton of information on where you’ve been and what you’ve already been doing.

Now, the company seems to be getting closer to launch Incognito mode for Maps, which makes it simpler to navigate without leaving any tracks.¬†Specifically, if in Incognito mode, Maps won’t save your browsing, send notifications, update your location history or shared location, or use your personal data to personalize Maps.


The feature is easy to find: Tap on your profile pic in Maps and it’s right there at the top. A black bar will show up at the top of the Maps screen to indicate that Incognito mode is on.

On a desktop computer, this is already available through Chrome; since Maps is a web app, when you browse Incognito in Chrome the privacy setting automatically applies to Maps. On a smartphone, though, you’ll typically use the Maps app, where Incognito mode isn’t available.

According to Android Police, the feature is also undergoing testing on Android Auto.

Google afterward said it might become accessible “in the coming weeks,” but for unknown reasons it’s taking a little longer . It’s nevertheless not live for everyone, but how it’s being tested makes it likely to be launched soon.

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