Google: Google Meet Gets ‘’ URL To Quickly Start Video Conferences

Google is now expanding its “.new’ URLs to add more capabilities to Google Meet. Now, users can simply type ‘’ in their browser’s address bar and jump right into a video conference. This seems to be another step from Google to integrate Meet with the rest of its services. They recently added the option to start a Meet conference from your Gmail sidebar, too.

Google Meet Is Directly Competing With Zoom

Meet, of course, was their business alternative to Google Hangouts. However, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone was using Zoom meetings for their video conferences, Google decided to make Meet free in order to compete with it. This ‘’ URL should make this service appealing even to those who don’t know how to use Google Meet.


Google First Brought Its ‘.new’ Extension To Docs, Slides And Sheets

Google first started this ‘.new’ service initially for some of its G Suite apps, including Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Users simply had to type in something like ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ into their browser. This opened up a new document, spreadsheet or presentation respectively.

Third-Parties Are Also Using Google’s ‘.new’ Concept

This should also go a long way in boosting Google Meet’s popularity. Ease of use is one of the reasons why Zoom meetings have become so popular. Meet also provides much better audio and video quality than Google Hangouts, which is another reason Zoom meetings have seen such widespread use.

Google’s ‘.new’ URL program isn’t just restricted to Google services, either. We’ve seen plenty of third-parties jump into the fray, too. Spotify, for example, lets you create a new playlist if you use the ‘’ URL.

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