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Go! Live Your Way Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled?

Go! Live Your Way

Netflix has devoted several years to developing young adult and adolescent programming. ‘Go! Live Your Way,’ originally titled ‘Go Vive a Tu Manera,’ is another one of those programs deserving of particular note. 

It is Argentina’s first adolescent or high-school series. What more do you need in a high school production than love, drama, and dance? It is a musical series loaded with dancing, romance, and general entertainment.

If you’re a fan of young adult shows like ‘Atypical,’ ‘Sex Education,’ or ‘Everything Sucks,’ you may want to catch up on ‘Go! ‘Lead Your Own Life.’

Onceloops and Kuarzo Entertainment produced the program on Netflix on February 22, 2019. The program was an immediate success upon its launch. The following is what we know about the show’s forthcoming season.

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

The second season of ‘Go! Live Your Own Way’ launched on Netflix on June 21, 2019. The second season began on February 22, 2019, fewer than six months after the first season.

We do not yet have an official announcement for the next season. Considering the show’s popularity, we expect it will be revived for another season. 

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If that occurs, our best assumption is that the third season of ‘Go! Live Your Way’ will premiere in June 2022. This section will be updated when further information becomes available.

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 Plot

“Charismatic Ma receives a scholarship to a top-performing arts school, where she develops close friends but conflicts with the owner’s popular daughter,” the show’s official description states.

‘Go! Live Your Way’ follows Mia Caceres, a lovely girl who gains admission to the prestigious Saint Mary’s school. It is a prestigious dancing institution renowned for its affluent student group. 

Mia must establish her own identity and demonstrate that she is more than her origins. As if being a new student isn’t stressful enough, Mia has to deal with high school politics. 

With the assistance of her two closest friends, she takes on the most popular girl in school. It doesn’t help that her adversary is also the owner’s daughter. If you thought Regina George was a tough chick, wait till you meet Lupe.

Lupe’s half-brother Alvaro is the ideal love for the bubbly Mia. We cheer for Mia throughout the first season as she navigates the turmoil of adolescence. 

The season begins with Mia banging it out on stage, demonstrating right away that she is one brilliant young lady. She has lofty ambitions and the skills to realize them. Lupe had had her eye on Mia since the day of the audition. She informs her mother, the principal, that Mia is unsuitable for their premier institution. 

Fans of ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘High School Musical,’ and ‘Step Up’ will appreciate ‘Go! Live Your Own Way’s peppy pace and hilarious drama. Argentina’s version of ‘Glee.’ The music is infectious and will have you dancing in no time. Lupe and Mia are both exceptional entertainers.

The connection between Mia and her adoptive mother, Isabel — who is superbly portrayed by Melania Lenoir — who teaches her to sing, is fascinating to see. 

Isabel is critical in Mia’s admission to Saint Mary. As it turns out, she has a history with the academy’s owner, Ramiro Achaval, played by Gaston Ricaud. What happens when Mia discovers the true reason for her entrance into her chosen school? 

The event is packed with surprises, the appropriate amount of angst, and plenty of music. The exhibition has a very youthful and vivid aesthetic. The performers are dressed impeccably in fur coats, haircuts, and cosmetics.

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We will almost surely witness more drama, cliques, and rivalries in the forthcoming season, which are all too common in high schools and often leave individuals scarred for life.

Although the characters are sketched in broad strokes, Sebastián Mellino brings them to life in a superb manner, reviving the tried and true concept of a high school musical drama.

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