Black Lives Matter
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‘Go Back To Africa’ Says A White Man To A Black Protester During Black Lives Matter Protest, But Apologizes After Realizing His Mistake

The Black Lives Matter protests are going on in the US. In lieu of that many posts and videos are going viral on social media. We are talking about one such viral video doing the rounds on social media lately.

‘Go Back To Africa’ Says A White Man To The Black Lives Matter Protester

This video went viral recently which has a conversation between two man from difference races. And it is a video from Waukegan, Illinois where Black Lives Matter protesters were waiting for the arrival of Donald Trump. As the President was supposed to head to Kenosha where Jacob Blake was shot by the police.

Black Lives Matter
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As the people were protesting a video was live streamed. Although the video was not quite clear but a conversation caught everyone’s attention. A protester called Clyde McLemore holding a Black Lives Matter sign was screaming ”We ain’t won a war yet.”

To which another pro-Trump White man Gary Lloyd replied ”If You don’t like it, why don’t you go back to Africa and see how nice it is there?”

And this video went viral within a few minutes. Although Lemore stated that he is happy after the support he got after this video went viral. But what made him sad was Gary’s remark.  As it was quite racist .

Gary’s Apology

But Gary also gave a statement after the video went viral. And he clarified that he doesn’t believe in racism and everybody is equal in his eyes. But what made him give such a racist reply was that he was angry.

Black Lives Matter

And the reason was that Lemore brought up the topic of US and its history of wars during the Black Lives Matter protests. Thus he felt that it was quite upsetting because he is a true patriot. And doesn’t like his nation’s image to be tarnished. Nevertheless he admitted that his reply was not at all right.

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And he shouldn’t have said such a thing. Moreover after the incident Gary met Lemore personally and apologized for his remarks.

And that was actually overwhelming as Gary realized his mistake and took this step. This is really going to be an inspiration for many.

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