Ghost Of Tsushima: We Now Know More About Combat Stances

Ghost Of Tsushima is just around the corner, and we’re now starting to hear more detailed information about it. Chris Zimmerman, Co-Founder of Sucker Punch, described the game’s combat in-depth in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Ghost Of Tsushima Will Ensure That The Katana Feels Sharp

He specifically talked about trying to make sure that they got the balance right. We’ve seen from the Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay that it only takes a few hits for the player to take down enemies. This was a conscious move on Sucker Punch’s part. They wanted to present the katana as the deadly weapon that it is.

“Jin’s family katana, the Sakai Storm, is a meter of razor-edged steel, wielded with malice, and we needed to respect that. In the samurai films that inspired us, a handful of cuts is enough to fell the toughest enemy,” wrote Zimmerman.


Ghost Of Tsushima’s Enemies Are No Pushovers

He also writes about their approach to designing enemies. If the player can take them down in a few hits, the game may feel too easy. That takes away the thrill of sword combat, though. So, their solution to this was two-fold.

Firstly, they made sure that enemies wouldn’t attack you one at a time. More often than not, Ghost Of Tsushima will see the player outnumbered. “While one enemy attacks, another enemy can be winding up. We tune things so that Jin has barely enough time to deal with each enemy attack as it lands,” he wrote.

Ghost Of Tsushima’s Combat Stances Come In Handy Against Different Enemy Types

They also threw in some enemy variety to mix things up even more. This is where the Ghost Of Tsushima’s combat stances come into play. “Each Stance is designed to be particularly effective against a subset of the dozens of enemy types Jin faces; switching between Stances based on who Jin faces amplifies his deadline,” wrote Zimmerman.

The closer we get to the Ghost Of Tsushima release date, the more it sounds like a worthy addition to your PS4 games library. Ghost Of Tsushima is coming out on July 17, 2020, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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